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Summer 2022 - Covid-19 Practices

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is a top priority for Hidden Creek B&B.  We are monitoring CDC and state guidelines and use these as recommendations for you, our guests.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you to your room when you arrive.  If we happen to be away from the B&B or if your arrival is after 10pm, there will be a note on the front door with directions to your room.  If you would rather have a contactless check-in please send us an email or text message and we will provide check-in details for you.

Breakfast is a special time at our B&B and we want to continue to make this a good experience for everyone.  We plan to offer two different ways to enjoy breakfast.  You can join us in the dining room, or you can have a breakfast to take on the road.  If you choose a to-go breakfast we will provide a menu the day before and ask that you fill our your preferences by 10PM the night prior.  We will have seating options with ample spacing from guests not in your traveling party.  If you are sick, we ask that you take your breakfast in your room.

We have removed decorative shams and quilts from the room, leaving only bedding that is washed and cleaned after each stay.  We will not be providing housekeeping services during your stay except upon request.  We will be happy to provide fresh towels.  Just leave your hamper filled with used towels in the hallway and we will have fresh replacements for you.  Trash can be deposited in the garbage can under the sink in the Common Area.  If you have a large amount of trash, please advise Ron or Michelle.  

Masks are a personal preference. Please do what feels comfortable for you.